Monday, 7 July 2014

I am Who I am

        Life, the universe and everything else. The supposed ultimate question asked by everyone that ever was anyone. But that's not my question because I sure am not "everybody". I'm just me. Which also happens to be what I want to find out about. I don't care about the universe and everything that has ever been, is and will be. I just want to know the simplest most complicated question that I can think of without getting distracted for the billionth time. Who am I?

        Yes, I know I'm a Boy, that I have a fickle-minded nature and that I find it extremely difficult to think about one thing consistently and long enough to make a fixation on that single thing without wondering why squirrels like acorns or what Francis Bacon has anything to do with Agrajag and his gargoyles. It's truly a wonder why Mrs. A is so pessimistic about this world and all its inhabitants that I think it'd be better off if she was picked up by the impropability drive and turned into a bowl of petunias. I think it'd be suitable considering her strange fascination with her 'lovely' face.

        But really. Who am I? What is my function in this program? Do I have a purpose to fulfill or am I just a delusional mattress who doesn't have a proper identity flopping about the marshes in a wasteland on a planet so secluded that a robot who turned up one fateful day would rather kill itself rather than associate itself with me. Is that what it'll come down to? Or am I muddling up the story? Was that the way it went?
Maybe I'm not a mattress. Maybe I'm  a bug on this checkered picnic cloth laid down by some harmless foodie who just wants to enjoy a nice PB&J sandwich without an insect strutting about acting like that it matters more.
         I have started to consider that maybe Mr. A was right about our limited abilities of understanding ourselves. Or maybe it's just me. I don't even know the path I'm walking down. Last week it was a wonder which way was down and now I've this delusional idea that maybe there is no down. Maybe we just made up the idea of gravity to keep ourselves connected to something or other to keep from floating of into a better world up in the clouds. But what if we let ourselves go once in a while. Then maybe I'd understand my limitations and find how flexible I could actually be. What if I'm a fish trying to ride a bicycle? What if I'm not and I just keep thinking that I am and just end up locking my potential away even though I could be the best fish cyclist. 


I think there's more to this than just the four walls surrounding me. I'd like to break the boundaries of illusion and discover the true nature of my existence. Even though it's quite clear that the fourth wall is in fact a ceiling; technically not a wall. Either way, I need to find a meaning for my existence and find a way to float above the clouds and feel the tug of the rope tied around my waist reminding me where I've come from and where I should be, not where I want to be. Maybe someday those two will be synonymous. Then I can float on back down. I'd walk across the solid ground with my head held high, aware of a world above and the world below it; accepting that they are in fact one and the same. That I never needed to be afraid of the worlds above the clouds as long as I had something to keep me grounded. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Read If you are young, ambitious & seeking solutions for an awesome career...

As you live life forward; many many TRAPS will attract YOU. Some people fall into them out of excitement & then spend a lifetime in recovering…
I am so tempted to warn you about one such trap; which is becoming a big suction point for the youth of today. If you are young, ambitious & seeking solutions for an awesome career – read on…
Lala jee’s who ran successful sweet shops or transport businesses or something like that in 1980’s or 1990’s thought a decade or more back that they could sell education too. Hence emerged a forest (May I say ‘weeds’) of B Grade & C Grade colleges in the outskirts of almost every city & town in India. Almost each of them claiming to ‘Transforming the lives of Indians & shaping their careers etc etc ‘ -very cute cute punch lines.Do not you notice in the months of April – July (admission time) huge hoardings, prime time TV advt slots, newspaper full page advts, FB sponsored posts, e-mailers of such ‘Pls Pls Pls join me’ desperate advertisements everywhere. Some so bold enough to even imply that the ‘world is already there with them’ & you will be a moron; should you go anywhere else.
Stories! Stories! & more such stories reach the gullible & the needy minds of the lakhs of students who end up consuming such stories & then paying lakhs into the bank account of an unknown Laala but with a well known waist size.
Privatization is not bad. It did wonders in the field of Insurance, Banking, Medicine & more. It becomes a problem in the arena of education because 90% focus of such universities /colleges is on admissions & not on imparting quality to students. One requires a different kindaa double helix in one’s genes for this.
Hardly 5% private universities / colleges have that different DNA & they are doing very well. And they are bound to become better & better with time. All this makes up the case for the bust of the remaining B-Grade educational institutes in India in the coming some time.
Practically 1/3rd of the mushroomed B-Grade & C-Grade colleges closed down in the last 5 to 7 years. The stock prices of most of the listed Educational Companies hit so low that some of the most premium brands were / are available for sale for a few crores only.
Just starting an IIT & an IIM in every state will not be a great solution for India; if not carried through well. Some data: – None of the eight new IITs sanctioned in the XIth Five Year Plan (2007-2012) have yet managed to get a permanent campus.
Majority B Grade colleges do a desperate and an exaggerated foreplay of exciting a few HR recruiters of well known companies. At times, it is a buyout even. Then such stories of campus recruitment become the main display item at the counseling tables and do not we see such paid news in newspapers almost daily.
The youth today is connected. It knows ‘what is what’. It is great to see the world becoming more and more logical. Anything which is only fanciful, an inflated dream, or a lesser logical concept has no other option but either to correct itself fully or to go the obsolescence way.
But then this trickling of sensibility will take time in India. There are enough takers here for chutiyaapa. Reason: our big bang population. There is a big big market for non sense in India. A Nirmal baba swindles crores in the name of faith & Asaram rapes the faith of his followers. A pony tailed guy in Delhi asking students to ‘Dare to think beyond IIMs’ & the funny part is that there are thousands of takers for such people.
Someone is always trying to tell you a story and is emotionally trying to fit his story to match with your world view. Majority junta gets CONSUMED with the stories of such clever marketers.
Everything around looks so hyped, so exciting & so dramatic that at times I really get scared thinking ‘What the withdrawal symptoms of all this will be’ if a person fails to catch up fully with all that is happening around. Depression! Simple as that.
e.g. almost everyone around seems to be in a relationship. If you are not you might just deep inside be feeling like ‘Zaheer Khan’. Match unfit! Today! take a decision – ‘I will NOT get impressed from Anything / Anyone so very easily’. Be it ANYONE in my career, my religion, my relationships, my finances or ANY damn thing which is RELATED to me. Be Emotionally MORE competent & render these businessmen blunt!
Character is not in following others, but in finding your very own unique path and then fearlessly following it e.g. in a shopping mall you see so many things displayed. You want only one or two out of the hazaar that get displayed there. Yes! You do window shopping but at the end of it you just focus on what you came there to buy. In the same way; when the marketers bombard you with their information & appealing stories; you need to stay extremely vigilante and use your damn brain to decide if that thing is on the road to the kind of life which you want to create for yourself..
YOUR ‘baby steps’; but in the direction of YOUR goals are much better THAN YOUR leaps , somersaults & jumps which are NOT in the direction of YOUR Goals.

Majority junta does not follow its dreams because they want to avoid that feeling of uncertainty. It is perfectly fair then that they receive average results & mediocrity when they input average decision making & then average efforts into their lives. Do not be shameless to expect an awesome life with good things happening to YOU; while YOU hardly input YOUR best! Just a reminder: – You are NOT the Jamai (Son-in-law) of life!YOUR ‘baby steps’; but in the direction of YOUR goals are much better THAN YOUR leaps , somersaults & jumps which are NOT in the direction of YOUR Goals.What is stopping you? Be a victor; not a victim of Life! Develop a backbone. Not a mere wishbone. ‘Be a Chess player & not a Chess piece’.See it is simple: – If YOU wish to have something which YOU have never had; then YOU gotta do something which YOU have never done!GET OUT there and DO something..One Life! Rise & Shine…


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Casual Flirting

Finally I got free time after two months to write a blog. 

                Yesterday When I was chatting with my friend. We were throwing questionnaire to each other to know each other well. So When it was my turn I asked, "what is Flirting?" So for  my surprise she said, " I don't believe in serious flirting but, yes! these days many casual flirting occurs and which is taken casually by both sides. And while doing that we say Flirting sehat ke liye acha he. 
                Watsapp Conversation Between A Boy & A Girl

She: Are, Where are you? Kabse cl kar rahi hu...Pick up the phone naaa...
He: Friend ke shadi me aya hu.. Badme Fursat me bat karenge..
She: Hmmmmm.. To koi item dikhi ya nai shadi me...:p
He: Nai na... Mast shervani and al dalke aya hu but no progress....
She: Hmmmmm.. Shervani.... I missed it...
He: Wt?
She: Teko dekhneka chance re... Kaisa rapchik dikh raha hoga tu shervani me.

In today's time we most oftenly can see this kind of flirtatious chatting on social networking sites and watsapp. And Watsapp is the best place to do "Flirtatious" chatting these days. In old days these were considered as Flirting, todays also we call it flirting only, but now it is taken too casually by both sides.

When we say flirting, you must have imagined incidents from normal teasing and provoking to eve teasing, but this flirting is not physical or real , rather its on virtual level. Formerly flirting used to occur stealthily & Secretly but now it occurs openly. And this generation will accept to my earlier statement.  

We don't have to take casual flirting seriously, and everyone has to accept this because you cannot find any damn girl or boy who doesn't flirt casually.

We have seen that boys and girls take "Flirting tips" from their friends, also they workout plans to propose or approach any boy or girl. After getting positive response we do give treat to our friends for giving tips.

Whether any boy or a girl is in relationship or not but still they give importance to flirting, to impress next person. And if next person give u positive response then we do flirt openly.

When a boy and a girl become good friends to each other and continuously chatting on Facebook & Watsapp and in that flow they want to know each other more and more and flirting comes into the picture. And there is nothing wrong till it goes virtual level. "Singles" normally prefer flirting over "True Love" & "getting into relationship".

The best advantage or privilege of flirting is, that two people admire each other and highlight good things about each other.And thats why whole conversation becomes positive. Usually we do flirting for physical attraction, get close to next person , time-pass, or worst to worst to get out of strain, exertion.

Many times we get angry or frustrated due to whole day busy, hectic schedule, but when we reach home and see sweet message from our friend, suddenly whole mood get changed.

It is completely OK when friends or acquainted people have affectionate conversation between them, but we have be alert when someone is flirting to get close for wrong intentions.

People who are in relationship, when your partner is flirting with someone else for checking your possessiveness then also you have to be alert, because it may harm your relation.

Anyways, still we can't see people flirting openly, but we can find Ranbir Kapoor jaise log saying "Flirting sehet ke liye acha he" everywhere...!!!

Post Script:-
Mohobat to kisi ek se karunga,
Hosake to kisi nek se karunga,
Lekin jabtak na milegi wo nek ladki,
"TRY" har ek ko karunga....:p :p